Allow cookies!

In order to make a reservation at your browser needs to accept cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is created and stored on your computer. It simply tells our server if you have visited our website before and that you started to make a booking. The cookie will expire in 10 days if you do not continue your reservation at

Why do you need a cookie?

We are trying to make a booking as smooth as possible for you as our client. For that to be possible we use cookies.

Are cookies dangerous?

Cookies really are not that dangerous. The cookie simply makes it possible for us to tell that your computer has visited our page before. If a reservation has started our server can call our database and guide it to the right reservation. As soon as the reservation is done the cookie is useless for us and we delete all information in the cookie.

What do I do if I don’t trust cookies?

You are always very welcome to call, fax or e-mail us to make your reservation.

Phone: +34 952 787 775

Internet Explorer 8:

  • Go to the tools menu.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Go to the privacy folder.
  • Change the slider to medium.

Mozilla Firefox 3:

  • Go to the tools menu.
  • Options.
  • Privacy folder.
  • Accept cookies from sites.

Apples Safari 4:

  • Tools menu (a small cogwheel to the right) .
  • Preferences...
  • Go to the Security folder.
  • At Accept cookies select "only from sites I visit".

Google Chrome

  • Tools menu (a wrench to the right)
  • Alternatives...
  • Go to the tab - Under the hood
  • Allow all cookies

If you are using another browser, check in its help to see how you enable cookie support.